Proudly Supporting Local Football Club, Queens Park Bulldogs.

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The Queens Park Bulldogs Football Club is a dedicated and passionate club founded in 1965. The club is made of all ages, sizes and backgrounds that come together with passion and love for the game. The Queens Park Bulldogs is proud to be a multi-cultural club bringing players from all walks of life togetherno matter their age. In 2013 the Bulldogs assembled a senior team with their players covering ages from 17 to 54 years young. This senior team successfully completed their primarily season with a grand final victory. In 2014 the Queens Park Bulldogs introduced a second team into the Metro football League and are looking forward to the success of this team in the future.

Westrans Services managing director Joe Giura has a great passion and love for the Bulldogs. Throughout the football season Joe dedicates his time to attend training sessions supplying support and refreshments for the team. On game day Westrans providesthe clubs senior team with transportation to games with the use of “The Big Red Bus” and will endeavour to continue providing the club with assistance and support for years to come.

Proudly Supporting Local Football Club, Queens Park Bulldogs.


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